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Cass Creek: Turkey Humpin' Hen Box Call

Cass Creek: Turkey Humpin' Hen Box Call

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Cass Creek: Turkey Humpin' Hen Box Call


The Cass Creek Turkey Humpin' Hen by Harmon Scents is a premium grade two sided box with a built in purr call so you can mix and match a variety of sounds simultaneously.  The Humpin' Hen is built with the highest standards of quality and care.


It is by natural instinct that turkeys fight and challenge for position and territory. Male or female turkeys will make what is called a challenge purr while fighting. This behavior has been documented to create excitement and curiosity and will attract other turkeys. This is one of the functions of the Cass Creek Humpin' Hen, to make the simultaneous purrs that attract challengers.  This call produces several accurate and appropriate sounds such as the yelp, cluck, cutt, putt, purr and whine.


The Humpin' Hen is a fun and exciting call to use! That Ole Tom is going to want to meet this Humpin' Hen!


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